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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Fast refills and available delivery option"

"Everything - hours of operation, timeliness of Rx refills, personal attention and the overall small town feel. We truly, truly love our local pharmacy and staff. You are the best!"

"I love the people! Y'all are amazing."

"The great, personal service!"

"Fast, friendly, helpful. Have been with you guys since the pharmacy opened! Great staff."

"Very good local pharmacy"

"Hometown, and local"

"Very fast refills"

"That you know me as soon as I walk in. You are extremely efficient and always helpful and very knowledgeable"

"Very quick and competent service!"

"They are very reliable and fast. The main reason I switched to Hills RX was because others were always out of stock."

"Friendly staff."

"The pharmacy Staff knows you by name when you come in. They are always friendly and helpful"

"Friendly and fast"

"The pharmacists there know me and I can trust that they will look out for me."

"Never super busy"

"Location, friendliness of staff, personal, delivers if needed"

"Local and very friendly, best customer service ever."

"I can always find what I need and get the help I need figuring out my medications."

"Speed of refills"

"The fact that my Rx refills are always ready when I need them. Sometimes I wait until the last minute to refill my Rxs however your staff is very understanding and friendly. Thank you for all that you do!"

"The staff - always patient efficient and friendly."

"That you're not a big box store."

"I like that it's locally owned & operated."

"Very nice staff, professional, courteous. Down home folk."

"The staff is very friendly. I get my medication refills very fast. Never a long line. What more can you ask for!"


"They're never out of your medication and are willing to go the extra mile"


"Not too big! Fast."

"No waits, no long lines...efficient!"

"Terrific to have a place for all my prescriptions!"

"Very friendly and helpful, also local."

"The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I never have to wait hours to get my prescription like I did other places."

"I like the personal and efficient service."

"Personal help!!!! Ease of ordering and pick up!"

"No waiting"

"Quick and courteous service, professional and knowledgeable staff."

"There are good, caring people who work there. I don't feel like I'm just a number."

"Courteous and professional"

"I feel like a person, not a stranger."

"I love how friendly and helpful the staff is. They are also very quick!"

"Very nice staff and they always have my medications in stock when other big name pharmacies did not! Very personable folks!"

"Everyone is polite and kind. Prescriptions are filled correctly and on time. If you ever walk in with a prescription to be filled, the wait is never more than 10 min. It's awesome!"

"All the above and convenient too"

"Fast and Friendly Great folks to work with."

"I love the fast and friendly service I get everytime I walk in."

"Personalized, fast service and provide so much assistance in making sure we have the medication we need."


"Always available to answer questions. Also have reasonable pricing"

"Local business"

"Great service with the small town feel. Congrats on your recent award!!"

"Great staff, very efficient and knowledgeable."

"The Hillsborough Pharmacy team always takes great care of us, getting our prescriptions quickly, communicating with doctors as needed and making sure our questions are answered."

"They know me PERSONALLY!"

"It's fast, small, and local!"

"Efficiency, superior customer service and the pharmacy itself is always calm and peaceful."

"The staff is very helpful, fair, knowledgeable, quick and never judgemental. All of those are traits that you just rarely find nowadays in any pharmacy, much less all of them in one. I love my pharmacy!"

"I love the convenience of a local pharmacy as opposed to mail pharmacy. And Tiffany and staff are terrific--efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful."

"Very friendly and they already know who I am when I come in, that means a lot!!!"

"Great staff, friendly, easy to work with."

"They will go out of their way to help me."


"Friendly staff and very knowledgeable."

"Always take time to answer questions."

"Fast and efficient service."

"Tiffany and Brian"

"All of the above"

"The staff!"

"They are very quick and accurate"

"The knowledge of the staff"

"Live to see the friendly familiar faces!"

"The people and the great service"


"Friendly & knowledgeable"

"Great staff, always timely with my prescriptions."

"Being 5 minutes from the house. Everyone so very nice!"

"Always happy and caring people. Fast and not a rip off."

"Everyone is very helpful and friendly. They answer all my questions. Hometown pharmacy. Thanks"


"They know their customers!"

"No waiting"

"Customer service is unmatched!"

"Fast Efficient Friendly"

"Friendly and very knowledgeable about all meds and their interactions. Also, it doesn't take long to fill prescriptions."

"Truly the best service and staff in the area."

"I love the small, hometown feel - knowing my pharmacists and them knowing my family is important too. There truly is no better pharmacy in the area - so blessed to have them in our little town!"

"Kind, caring, compassionate professionals!"


"Friendly hometown folks & convenience unlike the big box stores!"


"Friendly, convenient, local, very helpful. Delivery is helpful as well."

"The employees!"

"Everyone is very caring and helpful"

"Local business with excellent service - I love Hillsborough Pharmacy!"

"We are so lucky to have a hometown pharmacy with personalized service!"

"The customer service is terrific, and refills are completed quickly. Great value for the money."

"It makes my day when i come in and you guys say hi and know my name."

"So much better than ANY other pharmacy in town. Quick and friendly. :)"

"Friendly, fast service!"

"Hillsborough Pharmacy is a fantastic local family spot. They always have time to answer questions and are very friendly."

"They are a local hometown pharmacy. They are knowledgeable, quick, and very friendly and helpful. "

"The friendly staff"

"Small town feel, really good customer service. very much appreciated"

"Everything!! :)"

"Friendly staff that makes me feel like I matter!"


You can help Hillsborough Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!